Raven & Boar Farm


Raven & Boar is a family owned farm in Northern Columbia County.  Each small herd of pigs are raised with care on open pasture and forest. The pigs are all heritage breeds, mostly Large Black, Gloucester Old Spot and Red Wattle, with some Berkshires, Tamworth, and a few Mulefoot and Herefords. 

Ruby and Sather Duke founded Raven & Boar in 2009 and are also the principles of hivemindesign inc., designing and manufacturing furniture and interiors since 2000.

When they moved their business from Brooklyn to East Chatham in 2008, the Duke’s also set the simple goal of raising and growing as much of their own food that they could on the land surrounding their house and studio.  Sather and Ruby are both avid gardeners and cooks and it seemed inevitable that they would strive to have the best tasting pork possible.  The next step was making this high quality pork available to a select group of buyers.  Partnering with the local award-winning Twin Maple Farm in Ghent NY and other local cheese producers to use the whey from their sheep and cow milk cheese and yogurt as a source of food for their pigs (in the tradition of Italian pig farmers).  The pork from pigs fed whey has a unique flavor and texture, is naturally more marbled, and is especially excellent for charcuterie.

Raven & Boar’s pigs are fed whey soaked grains, grass, vegetables, fruits and naturally foraged roots and acorns.  The pigs are rotated on seasonally managed pasture with grass fed lambs and chickens, which keeps them all healthy and happy while also providing a fertile bed for next years garden.

Raven & Boar seeks to continue partnerships with local businesses to not only create a delicious product but to provide high quality meat to local residents and restaurants.

Raven and Boar meat, fresh free range eggs and seasonal forage,  herbs and produce can also be found at the Rhinebeck NY, Grownyc's Ft. Greene & Brooklyn borough hall, NYC farmers' markets.

All animals are USDA processed and are made available all year round.


111 CTY RTE 34


TEL: 518-794-0125