Our farm started with the simple idea of finding a better way to feed our own family. Raven & Boar has grown to supplying meat and produce to restaurants throughout the Berkshires, Hudson Valley and NY metro area as well as locally through farmer’s markets in New York and Massachussetts.

We believe a small on farm commercial production kitchen could be an asset to our business and community. The kitchen would follow State and Federal guidelines in order to produce USDA and HACCP certified meat products on a small and artisanal production scale. The kitchen will initially facilitate our own need to produce custom and artisanal Raven & Boar value added products. Instead of outsourcing the production of our frozen fresh sausages and meat cuts like pork chops and ribs, we could do this in house.  In addition, Raven & Boar could focus on other value added products such as cured, smoked meats, charcuterie and salumi.  

Ideally, this small facility could also be a place where local chefs and like minded individuals could connect with the “Farm to Table” concept directly for local food production as well as staff and client related events or training. We hope to eventually collaborate with local businesses and educational activists to include community food education classes and possibly adult and children's workshops.

We have seen how visiting this farm has changed minds and lives, and by opening our doors to our community and clients we hope to be able to provide access to a new understanding of the Farm to Table experience.